Intuition For Those on Restricted Diets

Finding Balance On A Restricted Diet Using Intuition

This page is devoted to eating by intuition for those with gut disorders such as SIBO, Crohn’s, IBS, and IBD and for those who are diagnosed with other illnesses or autoimmune disorders and are eating a restricted diet. Often, the psychology of restriction can result in a poor relationship with food. Intuitive Eating is the process of making peace with food and learning how to enjoy eating again. This can be challenging for those of us who still have to follow a restricted diet. I believe it can be done and I would like others to join me in that quest to become an intuitive eater.

Fearing the Number on the Scale

Is Avoiding the Number on the Scale the Solution

“I walked onto the scale, I didn’t look down at the number, and then I stepped off the scale. I was not ready for that number.” Currently, I am in the midst of an intuitive eating makeover. My scale was ...
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Am I Hungry or Am I Eating Chocolate Out of Frustration

How to Honor Your Hunger on a Restricted Diet

Food As An Emotional Crutch Spending time with my father tends to derail any efforts of eating by intuition. Just yesterday, my father was visiting. This triggered an immediate urge to shove large amounts of chocolate into my mouth. I ...
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SIBO, Crohns, and Gut Health Diet Plans

How to Reject the Restricted Diet Mentality Using Intuition

The Pep Talk I am starting at ground zero. I’ve lived through 25 years of restricted diets, originally from body image issues and now due to medical issues. I am currently on a SIBO/Crohn’s restricted diet. My diet does not ...
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Finding Balance with Intuitive Eating on a Restricted Diet

Finding Balance with Intuitive Eating on a Restricted Diet

New Series! Finding Balance with Intuitive Eating on a Restricted Diet I am very excited to announce my new series, “Finding Balance with Intuitive Eating on a Restricted Diet.” The series incorporates the principals of “Intuitive Eating” into a restricted ...
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Intuitive Eating Restricted Diet Image

Can Intuitive Eating be Part of a Medically Restricted Diet

Introduction to the Series "Finding Balance with Intuitive EatinG" Introduction: Can Intuitive Eating be Part of a Medically Restricted Diet I have a very long list of dietary restrictions that have resulted from several different diagnoses, most specifically Crohn’s and ...
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Sitting in Front of a Fridgerator and Frustrated with Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is Not So Intuitive

“While I very much understand the principals of Intuitive Eating, the actual application is far from simple. In other words, for me, Intuitive Eating is not intuitive.” I originally ordered the book “Intuitive Eating,” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, ...
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